The Opportunity

Sustainable transportation for the mass market is just around the corner. Electric vehicles (EVs) present the opportunity for energy independence, environmental restoration, and new sources of economic growth.

The Solution

Better Place delivers the network and services that make an electric car affordable to buy, easy to use, and amazing to own. Electric car drivers will have access to a network of charge spots, battery switch stations and systems that optimize the driving experience and minimize environmental impact and cost.

We Deliver

We deliver services to enable confident adoption and use of EVs.
We build and operate the infrastructure and systems to optimize energy access and use.
We work with ecosystem players to enable a compelling and integrated solution.

Global Progress

Better Place has made significant progress in developing technology, building partnerships and forging into new territories. Our operating companies in Israel, Denmark and Australia are leading the way in deployment as our efforts in North America, Japan and other markets continue to develop.